I recently watched a short film called “Nuggets”, a very simple yet effective demonstration of the effects addictions of no particular category have on you. To me, it simply lets into how an addiction can start almost innocently, and in a way that occurs rapidly, making it difficult to gain any kind of traction and re-gain your normal physical and mental states after being influenced even only a few times.

Something I did think about after this video, though, is that addictions vary tremendously, and aren’t at all only based on substance or something you ingest. I see an addiction as being something you repeatedly go to due to positive results or associations you have with that thing, based on the emotional, physical, or mental effect it has on on you.

Someone who may be addicted to marijuana associates the drug with a feeling of release, or weight lifted off of their shoulders. Someone who repeatedly goes to plastic surgery may do so as a fulfillment of their insecurities initially, but may continue to alter their appearance because they imagine and become preoccupied with numerous “abnormalities” in their appearance, see a difference when they partake in surgery, and want more differences . Someone who gets really involved in working out feels a sense of physical power and constant surges of self-ability. They often feel as though one or more areas of their overall quantity of ambitions isn’t able to be entirely achieved, so they continuously work on and strive towards perfection in the area they know they’re completely capable of (not speaking towards all compulsive builders of body; some just find pleasure in working on healthy things and that’s ok). They see a physical difference in themselves and develop mental/emotional differences as a result of their initial chemical change(s), and they yearn for more.

They ultimately are given the sense of the fulfillment of a purpose. The trend is that: everyone who ends up with some sort of addiction, substance or non-substance, will be oriented towards that addiction to compensate for another area that is unfulfilled. When someone doesn’t have enough of a certain thing, especially family or close friends, a feeling of emotional stability, healthy relationships, a good handle on their endeavors, or the inability to move on from a not ideal past, they gravitate towards something else to give them purpose; it is basic human tendency.

And what I find sad is that people with troubled backgrounds who are simply attempting to compensate for an absence of something in their lives are being incarcerated and blamed for their attempted compensation of something important. Every action a human partakes in can ultimately be explained, given that you know every detail from their past and all of their emotional and mental motives. No one ever does something for no reason, even if it seems as though that is the case or even the individual in question feels that that is the case. Having an addiction seems like a criminal thing without looking at the more psychological elements, but in itself, a clear basic human trait is represented: the need to fulfill. It just proves how broken manhood is.


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