Nothing is Constant

So I had this under-developed thought after seeing this one really popular aesthetic-oriented girl post this picture of herself on instagram with the deep, aesthetically inducing caption of “nothing is constant”. I know someone has probably already talked about this before, but I just thought that “constant” is another word that is used frequently, but really has no meaning other than what we perceive it to mean. When you or someone says that something is constant, to you that means that it’s non-stopping. What I find the meaning of the word to be, though, is that something is repetitive, or ongoing with certain boundaries. A constant you might think of is that the Earth constantly orbits our star, but this would only be true if you were referring to a constant with certain conditions.

The Earth will indeed come to an eventual end, maybe as a result of large solar flares, asteroid impacts, gamma ray bursts, or the implosion of the closest star. When this happens, the Earth can no longer orbit the Sun, therefore that constant is discarded. Another well-known constant are the unconditional laws of mathematics. Everyone is able to agree that the square root of two has to be 1.41. But if there’s no one to perceive numerical values, are they really constant? The philosophical objectivist would argue that the laws of mathematics exist independently from the fact that no one perceives them. The subjectivist would say that it could go either way-math maybe only exists because we perceive it, but it might also exist in a universe devoid of any math-perceiving lifeforms.

There could also be more complicated constants, though, such as the thought that if no humans existed to perceive numerical values, it would be a constant in itself that no humans existed to perceive numerical values. Then, it would be a constant that it would be a constant that no humans exist to perceive numerical values. Then, Heraclitus said that the only constant thing is change. Will there be a point ever when change ceases to exist? Who will be there to call these things constants and why am I constantly debating with myself over whether a constant exists or not?

this post makes no sense just to clarify


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  1. Heraclitus also said we never step in the same river twice, forgetting that he would be talking to other philosophers who world argue every word of that statement. No one ruins a metaphor faster than a philosopher. Still, entropy itself is constant change, just not in a way that offers a promising future for anyone. I guess the choice is whether to keep dipping your foot in a different river or jumping in and floating along. But then the banks change. It’s a no win game.

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